Intraoral Camera

Of the many technological innovations that have entered into the field of dentistry over the years, one of the most important is the intraoral camera.

The intraoral camera is an amazing diagnostic tool that allows your dental professional to view a much wider range of different angles in the mouth than would have been possible just a few years ago. The camera gives dentists the ability to view the entire mouth on a monitor so that we can get a closer look at any potential issues or problems that may arise.

The intraoral camera is great for you, too! In addition to providing your dentist with a much greater field of vision and variety of angles for spying potential problems in your oral cavity, you will now have the ability to look at the same monitor your dentist is viewing. This allows you to see firsthand exactly what your dentist is looking at, making it easier for you to understand any concerns your dentist might have – or just to feed your own curiosity about what’s going on in there!

These tools even make it easier to deal with your insurance companies, because the digital images they provide are excellent tools for helping you gain procedure acceptance with your insurance company.

If you have any questions about our use of intraoral cameras, feel free to contact us today.

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